2013 Challenge 52

Last year a very small group of seven kiwi’s went forth and decided to do a 366 challenge.  The idea behind it was to learn to use our camera’s, share our passion for photography together but most of all, have records of some pretty cool memories for an entire year.

Between the group we had life changing events – babies were born, new jobs were found, operations had, a migration to the other side of the world… and each of these momentous occasions were recorded day after day after day.  While we had only met in person once or twice our group of seven became close, friending each other on facebook, offering encouragement after each weekly post.  Two dropped out after giving the challenge a dam good go, and the remaining five carried on till the end.  Our sites were visited over and over – my blog alone averaged 100-200 hits every Sunday once the update had gone out – and it was from this that Challenge 52 was born.
This year we are doing it all over again – but in the form of a weekly photo instead of daily.  Our group of seven has now grown to 25 and below you will find a list of all the blogs that have decided to participate in blogging their weekly photos.
If you are a stopper by, please do leave a note even if its anonymous.  Even just knowing someone has taken the time to leave a comment means the world to members of our group.
For now, here are members of the Challenge 52…
Manda - Challenge 52
Carrie - Piccie Post
William - Challenge 52

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