Sunday, 6 May 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 18

Wow 18 weeks down already!

This week the loss of light at the end of the day has stopped any day time photo opportunities - but has opened up a new technique to try and learn.  One of Ash's daycare teaches approached me at the start of the week with a 'bokeh' kit.  Having never done this before I jumped at the chance of having a closer look and by the end of the day had created my own 'bokeh' (thanks Emma) and went forth and had a go that night.

Bokeh is easy in theory (low aperture, point it at a light), but getting the exposure right of the whatever is in the foreground proved difficult so this is something I'm going to need to learn more about.  In my April 30th photo this was taken with an old Xmas decoration and then the bee in front was lit using my cell phone torch light.  By no means fantastic but you get the idea.  I'm sure with the right setting the result would be awesome (as Emma later proved to me by taking a lovely photo of the Auckland skyline).  So bokeh was the unofficial theme for me this week, the other two nights were taken on the Helensville street - very similar shots but I had run out of time for each of the days to take anything else :)



Buzzy bee

I can do it dad


Helensville Street Lights (for you locals, this is taken by Curry Leaf looking towards Woolworths)

Helensville Street Lights (coming into Helensville from Kaukap)

Ni Ni Bebe


  1. Hey B....Love your bokeh pics!! Well done. Have fun experimenting and mastering that one!
    I LOVE the May 2 pic - the light and detail are just fantastic!!

  2. i love may 2nd too,

  3. Big ups on May 2nd. Simple. The line of the trunk pulls you in to the shot and then the downward motion works. A+.