Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Monthly Blog Circle - Shallow Depth of Field

So we all love the fuzzy backgrounds you get in photos right?  This months challenge was all about utilising shallow depth of field.  This is something I'm no stranger to, however this last month has been hectic busy so of course I had to leave it to the last minute!

My mother in law has an awesome garden, and the last two days we have managed to have some fairly nice weather for this time of year.  I was blessed with some amazing light, so with that, camera in hand (and Harry in a pram), I went to my mother in laws place and snapped away.

Here is the result :)

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Monday, 1 July 2013

An update...

So I've been a bit quiet on the blog front - for that I apologise.  I have been flat tack shooting families since I started putting myself out there - I am overwhelmed by the number of people who have been in contact and who I have had sessions with - a massive thank you for supporting me in this early stage of my little side business!

On that note I have some exciting things in store - so please watch this space.  Good things take time, so you may be waiting a while, but I hope you won't be disappointed!

See you all again shortly for my monthly challenge post :)

Monday, 3 June 2013

Clickin Moms Monthly Challenge - Beautiful Ugly

Well it is that time of the month again - our monthly blog circle challenge.

This month we had the assignment of "Beautiful Ugly".  Take something ugly, and look at the beautiful aspects of it.

It took me a while to find something, but I'm really happy with the result - but I feel this needs a bit of explanation.

I chose to photograph a shed.  This shed is derelict, looks like its about to fall down, and if you live in Helensville or its surrounds, or you have travelled north via State Highway 16 you may be familiar with it.

Here is a quick snap shot of what is possibly thought of as an eyesore

But this shed actually has a fair bit of history behind it.  Known as the "Slaughterhouse", it is situated on the original Dye's property.  Mr Dye was one of the first settlers in Kaukapakapa, and in many ways responsible for getting the economy up and going by running his own shop and transport along the waterways which wind their way through Helensville and Kaukapakapa.

So how did I go about making it look beautiful?

To say I was blessed with amazing light is an understatement - it was late in the afternoon and it had been a mixed up day weather wise.  Typical Auckland, had provided thunder storms, hail, rain and sunshine all within the space of a couple of hours - the clouds were dramatic and the last photo in particular shows the late afternoon sun lighting up the shed with the dark rainy clouds behind.  Yes it is a derelict shed but the surroundings amazing.

And as if to say see you later, as I was walking towards my car to leave, one last glance had this surprise waiting...

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Friday, 3 May 2013

Blog Circle Challenge - April: Through the Glass

After my hiatus last month (thanks to a tummy bug), I tried super hard to meet the challenge this month.

Let me be the first to admit, this challenge is not easy.

There are a couple of things about shooting through glass -

Reflection - if you're doing any shooting in daylight the only image you get is yourself - everything reflects.

Lack of ISO - My little 450 only goes to 1600 ISO - this made shooting challenging as the only time I could really bypass the reflection was by shooting in the early evening

The photos are definitely not my best but I enjoyed the challenge and learning how to look at things a little differently - think about framing and playing with my cameras settings to get the effect I wanted.

Through the looking glass...

Reading Stories through the glass

Fish Tank Watching

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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Weekly Challenge Catch Up

As promised here is my weekly photos for the last few weeks!

I'm following two lists - one with my Clickin Moms group and the other with our own private group on Facebook.  Some weeks I've had two photos, others I have just chosen one week to roll with - so enjoy :)

Week 12 - Autumn

I can honestly say Autumn is my favourite time of year.  I love the leaves turning red, I love the cooler mornings but generally nicer days, plus its the time hubby and I got married and had Ash so to me its just an awesome time of year.  After a long hot summer Autumn came late this year, and with this theme falling as early as it did I didn't think I could actually fulfill the request.  However, one afternoon driving along Waikoukou Valley Road I came across some lovely trees opposite Matua Vineyard, which surprisingly had the familiar red leaves to show the time of year.  I was stoked to be able to capture them!

Week 13 - Blue

This weeks theme was hard for me as I was short on time and luckily my mother in law came to rescue.  Snoopy our now nine year old cat has always acted like a kitten when it comes to wool so what better but to give him some blue wool to play with?

Week 14: Golden Hour

I LOVE shooting at golden hour.  Light at this time is just amazing, and one of my biggest struggles as a mum of two is actually taking advantage of this time.  Unfortunately mornings are usually spent cuddling in bed, and afternoons is mayhem between dinner, grizzling, feeding and staying under control.  This Sunday afternoon however was quite calm in our household, and Ash and Harry had a little play in the sandpit before dinner.  I love this photo as my two boys are starting to really interact and build a little friendship.  Its wonderful to watch it!

Week 15: Reflection

This week hubby and I attended a wedding in Melbourne - childless!  We have never left the boys for a long time before so it was a little daunting for us but enjoyable.  We decided seeing we could never do it while the kids are young to take a tour bus up Great Ocean Road and visited the 12 Apostles.  This coastline is awesome (although never as beautiful as NZ) so it was worth the investment.

(Please note hubby is wearing my sunglasses - he's not into diamantes...)

Week 16: Animals

Our furry friend Benson has been with us for nearly nine years and often the subject of my photos.  He seemed the perfect fit for this weeks theme (although is in a desperate need of a haircut!)

Week 17 - From a High Angle

This weeks theme was easy for me - I love capturing the kids from different angles.  This shot of Harry I adore - he has had Hand Foot and Mouth and been generally miserable with high temperatures.  In this particular shot he was super grumpy, and just couldn't understand why I was standing above him to get the shot.  I love the expression on his face - one of annoyance but still intrigued - this little guy just absorbs so much, its so nice to watch him learning about the world.

Been a bit quiet...

I'm sorry, I have been a bit quiet of late on the blog front.  I've still been photographing, still been doing the weekly challenge, although I did miss the March monthly challenge due to being stuck in bed for about a week with some lovely tummy bug my beautiful children passed on.

Plus, I'm taking advantage of Facebook.  Since last being on here I have started my own Facebook Page - please check it out (and like if you want to!).

This is a massive step for me starting a facebook page - I have been doing shoots for a while for friends out of love.  I love photographing, and I've loved learning over the last few years I have been doing them.  But demand has started to grow - its awesome people enjoy my photos, but it has come to a point now where it is starting to cost me money (travel costs, lens costs, and most of all time away from my family and other business so I have started to charge.  Only a very small fee as I don't believe my quality is anywhere near those that have studied photography and pursued as a career but enough to basically cover my costs and justify doing shoots.

So over the next few days I will be playing catch up - plus updating with our monthly blog circle challenge tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping in...

PS - here is an updated photo of me and my beautiful boys

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Playing Catch Up...

So life has caught up and I haven't been posting as regularly as I should have been!

Miss me?

We have been super busy.  Feb/March are always busy times of year for us as we have two A&P Shows that require our full attention in the weeks leading up to, and on the day.  Thrown into the mix was a national advertising campaign which I helped to get going, a trip to Taupo to participate in a North Island meeting, maintenance of a million dollar business, running the household and taking care of the two kids.  Its fair to say I have not slept much in the last month and we have been running on adrenalin until this week.

I have however been keeping up with the weekly photographs, and been having fun with the themes.

Week 9 - the theme was Glass.  I really struggled with this theme - a beautiful landscape with water like glass, keeping it simple with a photo of a glass half full, or taking a picture through a looking glass.  Instead I kept it even simpler - a photo of my favourite possession - my 50mm lens also known to many photogs as 'good glass'.  This lens helped me take to take the types of photos I've always wanted to take, and truth be told sits on my camera about 90% of the time.  So here it is: Glass

Week 10's theme was Motion.  This was one was really simple - some lovely light on a summer's afternoon, Dad's strong arms (and bravery) to throw Mr 2 up in the air and I got the shot I wanted...

And lastly Week 11.  This weeks theme was "Night Portrait".  This was very much a challenge for me - I've never done a night portrait before aside from kids sleeping.  We work late into the night most nights, so taking advantage of hubby when in true concentration was ideal.  While its not 'technically' correct, I actually love this shot.  Given where we are at at the moment with our business, and the stress we've been experiencing of late trying to keep things under control I feel his expression, the mood and slightly off black and white represents how we're feeling.

This is what I love about photography - the ability to be able to take a moment, and save it forever.

See you all next week!