Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Aaaah beautiful wonderful soul searching Muriwai.  It is a place very close to my heart as its the first place I saw my hubby on my wedding day plus has so many other lovely memories associated with it.

Tonight hubby took over the night time routine (plus we're trying to wean Mr A from his night time feed so its easier if I'm just not around!) so I got out and took a few photos as the sun was going down and well after until my camera could no longer focus.  Had lots of fun playing with shutter speeds and was quite happy with my first attempt at night photography!

Sunset time tonight was 7:22pm...

 24mm, F22, 1/25, Iso 100, Taken at 7:29pm

 55mm, F22, 1/6, Iso 100, Taken at 7:32pm 

55mm, F22, 1.3", Iso 100, Taken at 7:38pm

29mm, F22, 8", Iso 100, Taken at 7:43pm 

29mm, F22, 30", Iso 100, Taken at 7:47pm 

 29mm, F22, 5", Iso 100, Taken at 7:49pm

29mm, F10, 25", Iso 100, Taken at 8:15pm


  1. Oooo loving these pictures B they're stunning!!! Let's get out and do some photog assignments together