Saturday, 8 October 2011

Rugby World Cup - NZ vs France

I never got a chance to blog about this, but a couple of weeks ago myself and hubby were lucky enough to go to the NZ vs France game.  When ticket prices were released about a year ago we decided we weren't going to go as they were just too far out of our price range, but as a surprise for his birthday I purchased some tickets, and then by pure luck we were upgraded to A grade seats.

So fair to say we were pretty excited about the match and it was one of the most awesome games we have seen so definitely worth every penny!

Here are a few photos from the night...
Fan Trail through Myers Park 
Fire Eater outside Eden Park 
Stilt Walkers at Eden Park 
Eden Parks new stand looking AMAZING 
In the action! 

Marching Band 
My passcard... good old DC 
Woody - old schoolmate of hubby's 
The boys making their way out 
National Anthem... 

DC kicks for goal

Flags outside City Hall

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