Saturday, 28 January 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 4

So here we are the at the end of week 4.  This literally means I have managed to follow this goal for 28 days straight.

What did I learn this week?

1. There are not enough hours in the day (literally).  

2. Inspiration for new photos comes in all forms.  Someone said 'how did you come up with that photo?'.  My response - I didn't, it kind of just happened

3. I am beginning to understand the mantra of 'never work with animals or children'.  While Mr A is a fantastic little model he is starting to get sick of being the focus of my lens!

4. My fellow friends following this challenge have an incredible amount of talent, and I am enjoying looking at all their amazing photos.  All of us are self taught, and the majority are amateur so I feel everyone is doing fantastically well :) 



Sleeping buddy

My 3rd job


Tunnel playing

14 hours...


  1. Love them babe - these are awesome :) Not enough hours in the day...whew, I hear you sister. One month down, we're 29 days closer to 31 December 2012 than we were this time 4 weeks ago. Love the bills one - you're 100 x more organised than me. Mine would be a pool of papers on the grotty carpet :P Gorgeous baby xo

  2. Nice work hun! Impressive as always. ox

  3. thanks ladies, really loved your photos this week too. Jacqs, the bills are for our business so nothing to do with personal at all - I'm very unorganised when it comes to my own bills! And the bubba is Cole my best friends baby who was born Friday night - so very stoked to get a photo of him at only 14 hours :).