Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Finally nailed it!

This afternoon we got back from our mini Xmas road trip.  My parents live down in the Waikato, and my wonderful sister in law lives in Thames so this year we decided to spend two nights seeing family and eating as much as we could handle.

The trip was great, we had full tummies and lots of laughs with both sets of families.  However, I had one mishap - I managed to break my 50mm lens.  I was absoloutely devastated (still am!).  However, looking on the bright side, at least it was the cheapest lens I have and not my camera, but it does mean the long awaited upgrade I have been wanting for my 75-300mm will just have to wait...

Today, we drove up to Rapaura Water Gardens which is just north of Thames by Tapu.  Its $15 to do a 45 minutes walk and visit various gardens and lilly ponds.  Its not really worth the money, but I wanted to try and get a shot of their waterfall.  I've been trying to get that silky effect for months, but never had the settings right, or the weather has been too sunny, or hubby has been rushing me.  But today I went in knowing exactly what to do - and I was very happy with the result!!

Settings: F 32, Shutter 0.8", Iso 100


  1. Interesting, I wouldn't have thought you would use such a low ISO but with the slower shutter speed I guess it makes sense. Very proud.

  2. The lower the Iso the better because it restricts the light that gets in. If i had the Iso higher it would have let in too much light and wouldn't have allowed the scene to be dark enough to slow the shutter speed down to the get the effect :). I've just photocopied something for you, will send it through so you can have a read!