Sunday, 8 July 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 27

Well you know you're making progress into the year when you've actually got to check what week you're in!

This week has been a much better week on all accounts, I managed to score a loan car (which has no radio, air con doesn't work, is gutless and costing me an arm and a leg to run - BUT gets me from A to B and thats what counts right?), Mr A has started to sleep through the night again (THANK GOD), I'm finally getting over a stupid cold which is into its fourth week, and managed to find some cough medicine that I can take while pregnant.

Photography wise I'm still struggling to get the photos done when its dark at both ends of the day (really wish my camera went higher than 1600 ISO) BUT I've been a very lucky lady and made the biggest purchase for me in a very long time - an iPhone.  I've never paid for a phone before so I've always had mediocre technology, so this is a big step for me (thanks hubby for owning a business that gets us GREAT deals!).  I don't want to use it in place of my SLR as that would defeat the purpose of improving my photog skills, but I think it will definitely come in handy for spur of the moment shots where I don't have the SLR available.

So, all that said here are my photos for this week :)

25 + 3

Mr "Sad Face" (although very unconvincing!)

Goggles (again)

Life changer

Wet Dog


Mr Fluff


  1. I know what you mean about the ISO, mine won't go over 800 without looking really bad :( . Hope the new phone is going well, they are supposed to have really good camera's in them. Great pics again too, love the colours in the 6th, that is an amazing shot.

  2. Beautiful pics hun. July 6 is just stunning. July 5 just cracks can almost read the poor dog's thoughts. Love the self portrait too. xo

  3. Just gorgeous :) Particularly like the bump & the 6th...communal favorite xo