Sunday, 1 July 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 26

Yay another (not so nice week on a personal front!) done and dusted :)

What I have learnt this week:

  • A toddler that doesn't sleep is worse than a newborn who doesn't.  Everything is a negotiation with this little guy but I think we're slowly winning the battle
  • Not having a car sux (see previous post)
  • I have taken lots of outside shots day shots this week with my kit set 18-55mm.  Working with a really high ISO works a treat when working with high shutter speeds, and you don't see the graininess that you see when taking night shots
  • In saying that though using this lens this week has highlighted to me just how crappy it is - seriously need an upgrade but need to win Lotto first!
Enjoy :)

Checking out the water fountain at the museum
Homeward bound

Like father like son

A result of not much sleep the night before - a cat nap at 8:30am


Zoo party at Makiri St
Orewa by night


  1. Hey babes you've had such an eventful week!! Love the picture from Orewa it's stunning - I've been shooting 98% on my 18-55mm lately, just put the 50mm back on finally WHAT a difference :P

  2. Your Orewa shot took my breath away! Literaly. It is gorgeous!
    I also love water fun. I really enjoy capturing water like that.

  3. Great pics Belinda, great idea about the ISO in Day light, have only recently started playing with ISO (my camera isn't the best at medium ISO's). Hope you have your car back soon :)

  4. I really like the one of the boys reading the magazines... :-)