Saturday, 2 February 2013

2013 4/52

This weeks theme was Weather.  Recent times we have experienced amazing weather - days filled with blue skies and warm sun - so quite difficult to get an interesting shot of.  But those days all ended with amazing sunsets - mostly thanks to the fires in Australia which have been making our skies beautiful colours.

Muriwai as I have mentioned before is a place very dear to me.  It was the first place I saw my husband on our wedding day - not too far from where I took this photo in fact.  We had our wedding photos done before our ceremony, and with only the photographers and three closest friends witnessing Bryce and I shared a very special moment at Maori Bay overlooking Oaia Rock.  That day was terrible weather wise, a storm was brewing, the skies black but dry.  So it was in stark contrast this photo was taken, there was an Easterly so the waves were clean but calm and the weather beautifully sunny.

So here is Week 4 :)

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