Monday, 4 February 2013

2013 5/52

This weeks theme was Low Light Photography.  Normally I love getting my tripod out and getting my shutter speeds nice and slow but this week I struggled, I think because I have done so much of it during my daily challenge it was hard to find inspiration to do it for this!  I did have one idea in mind but that idea would have meant leaving the house at about 4:30/5am and with a little person who relies solely on me for food and has had a nasty reaction to formula it was not going to happen.  So I turned to what I know best - taking photos of my kids.

I actually had the intention of getting a night photo of Harry - he's just moved into the cot so I thought it would be special.  But he chose last night to be extremely unsettled so I couldn't get the shot that I wanted.  His older brother also chose to perform last night and refused to go bed until about 9:30pm, and that was only after many a tantrum.  He eventually fell asleep lying sideways on the bed so after giving up on Harry it was only by pure chance that I popped in and found Ash like this.  The light source is the hallway light, the peace and calm all his...

Here is Week 5

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