Saturday, 2 March 2013

2013 Week 7/52

Weekly Challenge - Symmetry

So I got a little behind in the challenge this week - had lots of ideas floating around in my head but nothing could be brought into fruition!  Finally I decided to take the boys to visit a small butterfly garden in New Lynn called the West Lynn Garden.  This place is known for its butterfly house and seeing Ash and I grew some Swan plants and watched caterpillars turns into butterflies I thought it was quite fitting we give this place a visit.  On top of that I thought a monarch butterfly would be a perfect photograph for this weeks theme - Symmetry.

So we got out there - this place is literally in the middle of a residential area and is the perfect place for a toddler to burn some energy.  The property consists of 4.5ha of gardens with winding paths through plants and small trees.  The butterfly house is at the start and was chocka full of monarch butterflies, caterpillars and chrysalis'.  While the butterflies were certainly lovely to look at, it was actually a fern that took my eye for the theme - perfectly symmetrical and it fit my lens nicely.  So here is the final result - symmetry :)

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