Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Playing Catch Up...

So life has caught up and I haven't been posting as regularly as I should have been!

Miss me?

We have been super busy.  Feb/March are always busy times of year for us as we have two A&P Shows that require our full attention in the weeks leading up to, and on the day.  Thrown into the mix was a national advertising campaign which I helped to get going, a trip to Taupo to participate in a North Island meeting, maintenance of a million dollar business, running the household and taking care of the two kids.  Its fair to say I have not slept much in the last month and we have been running on adrenalin until this week.

I have however been keeping up with the weekly photographs, and been having fun with the themes.

Week 9 - the theme was Glass.  I really struggled with this theme - a beautiful landscape with water like glass, keeping it simple with a photo of a glass half full, or taking a picture through a looking glass.  Instead I kept it even simpler - a photo of my favourite possession - my 50mm lens also known to many photogs as 'good glass'.  This lens helped me take to take the types of photos I've always wanted to take, and truth be told sits on my camera about 90% of the time.  So here it is: Glass

Week 10's theme was Motion.  This was one was really simple - some lovely light on a summer's afternoon, Dad's strong arms (and bravery) to throw Mr 2 up in the air and I got the shot I wanted...

And lastly Week 11.  This weeks theme was "Night Portrait".  This was very much a challenge for me - I've never done a night portrait before aside from kids sleeping.  We work late into the night most nights, so taking advantage of hubby when in true concentration was ideal.  While its not 'technically' correct, I actually love this shot.  Given where we are at at the moment with our business, and the stress we've been experiencing of late trying to keep things under control I feel his expression, the mood and slightly off black and white represents how we're feeling.

This is what I love about photography - the ability to be able to take a moment, and save it forever.

See you all next week!

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