Thursday, 2 May 2013

Been a bit quiet...

I'm sorry, I have been a bit quiet of late on the blog front.  I've still been photographing, still been doing the weekly challenge, although I did miss the March monthly challenge due to being stuck in bed for about a week with some lovely tummy bug my beautiful children passed on.

Plus, I'm taking advantage of Facebook.  Since last being on here I have started my own Facebook Page - please check it out (and like if you want to!).

This is a massive step for me starting a facebook page - I have been doing shoots for a while for friends out of love.  I love photographing, and I've loved learning over the last few years I have been doing them.  But demand has started to grow - its awesome people enjoy my photos, but it has come to a point now where it is starting to cost me money (travel costs, lens costs, and most of all time away from my family and other business so I have started to charge.  Only a very small fee as I don't believe my quality is anywhere near those that have studied photography and pursued as a career but enough to basically cover my costs and justify doing shoots.

So over the next few days I will be playing catch up - plus updating with our monthly blog circle challenge tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping in...

PS - here is an updated photo of me and my beautiful boys

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