Sunday, 24 June 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 25

Another busy week in our little world but another week of photos done and dusted!  We had the shortest day of the year this week which is great because it means the days will start to get longer (and hopefully warmer!) soon.

This week I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Bundy family.  Candice and I have been friends since high school, and late last year her and Josh had Mila who is now a smiley bubbly 7 month old.  Normally I dread these types of shoots, I'm by no means a professional photographer and even though the shoots are favours as opposed to professionally-paid, I still feel a lot of pressure to get it right.  Fortunately though Mila was fantastic, and just as photogenic as her amazing parents so I was pleased with the results - the best of which you can see as my daily photo for June 24th.  It is wonderful to see how she has grown - you can see a photo of her as a ten (?) week old on my Jan 14th photo of the day.

So here's the round up for this week!

Feet on the couch...

Big day at daycare

Goldilocks ate the third bowl



Helping dad fold the washing

Candice, Mila and Josh


  1. Beautiful!! Puddles and Goggles are awesome pics. Well done.

  2. Gorgeous pics B - absolutely love the one of the family and bet they're super stoked :) Fav from the week is puddles though x

  3. Love the puddles photo!! And feet on the couch! xx

  4. wow funny you guys all liked puddles! i was actually very disappointed with this shot (my shutter wasn't quite fast enough but not picked up until it was the on the computer screen!) so thanks for the good feedback :)