Sunday, 12 February 2012

Daily Challenge Week 6

Week 6 done and dusted!

This week Jacqui suggested we could start doing some themed weeks to help inspire our little group into taking some cool shots.  This weeks suggestion was "Happiness is".  I tried my hardest to follow this theme but when your photog opportunity is limited to only an hour or two a day (between working, being a mum, managing a business and trying to fit some sleep in somewhere!), I really struggled to do it every day so I've decided to try and get one shot a week which follows the theme.

What I've learnt this week:

  • Sometimes when you think you have the perfect shot you open the computer monitor to find its really just not as good as you thought it was (why are those mini screens so good at showing nice crisp pictures but the monitor shows fuzzy lines and a slight different perspective?)
  • Low light is bloody hard work to take nice shots in, even with my fantastic little 50mm


PS. Welcome to Cat who has joined our little group!

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Hey Mrs Cow

Cuddles with Grandma

Happiness is picking a mandarin from the tree (and then eating it!)

Out late on a school night

Happiness is my baby boy

Sunrise on a foggy morning

High Tea goodies


  1. Beautiful pics this week Hun! Absolute fav is the 7th - love love love. Really like the 9th as well xx

  2. Yup - I agree - the 7th is gorgeous! Very cute.

  3. Awesome pics again Belinda! And I completely agree that a photo that looks awesome on the camera doesn't always come out that way when you open it on the laptop :(

  4. Hey Miss, you nailed "happiness is" for everything, that's why it's such a great topic. Bascially everything you put up this week made me smile. Love seeing your pictures each week - you're so talented and I love your perspectives :) x