Saturday, 18 February 2012

Daily Challenge Week 7

It is 9am on Saturday morning and I'm already uploading my images - how's that for organised?  Actually its because we were blessed with a misty fog this morning which provided amazing light plus water droplets that were fantastic to photograph.  Initially when I went outside this morning there was a massive spiderweb - how much better can you get for a "Nature" theme, but alas, I could not get the web to look as amazing on camera as it did in real life.

So on that note, this week's theme was "Nature" (thanks Mel!).  Nature is my forte - if you've read the About Me section of this site, you will know I LOVE everything nature.  And while I couldn't get a photo of natural beauty every day I managed to get a nice shot on Monday night of the setting sun glowing through some tree's, and then todays shot of a teeny spider sitting beside a droplet of water.  I also really enjoyed taking the shot of a candle, in an effort to show fire.

What have I learnt this week?  That magical golden light that everyone talks about aiming to take photos in?  It lasts about ten minutes, and it can make every plain old grass look stunning.  And I also learnt how to play a bit more with my manual focus this week - thanks Jodie for inspiring me to do so.

Lastly, I've said this before - I am so proud of everyone doing this challenge.  Every week your photos amaze me, I can't believe all of you have this hidden talent and I love how this challenge is bringing out the best in all of us.

Till next week... xx


Setting sun through the trees

Valentines Day
In the theme of Valentines (technically it was still Valentines Day in the other half of the world!)



Dewy morning


  1. Awesome photos again! I think my fav's this week would be the 16th and 18th, but it is always so hard to pic a favourite from your photo's they are all fantastic!

  2. Absolutely stunning Belinda. I can hardly pic a fav this week - they are all amazing. At a push - I think my fav is the candle shot followed closely by the rest. Awesome! x

  3. Beautiful work Belinda! The candle shot is my fav I reckon....tough choices.