Sunday, 26 February 2012

Daily Challenge - Week 8

Wow, I think this is the longest I've ever stuck with a challenge for!  Certainly diets have never lasted this long haha!

This weeks theme was "Movement".  I chose this theme as we had planned as a group to do a night shoot last night which I thought would provide the perfect opportunity to capture light trails which would fall perfectly within the theme.  Unfortunately for me I didn't get a shot I liked enough but hopefully the rest of the group found something!

So on that note, all of our little group (except Jacqui who had to do an emergency trip to Fielding) met up last night to try and learn a little bit more about our camera's.  It was such a fun night, although felt a little strange to be walking around the back roads of Ponsonby all completely sober!  I hope everyone learnt something useful and are a little more confident about using their camera's in Manual mode.  Can't wait for the next photog catch up :)

So here are the latest daily shots from my little bubble!

Hot Rods in Helensville 
New Friend

Bubble Bath


Afternoon Rainshower


Auckland city by night


  1. Hey Belinda. Awesome pics!! I'm lovin' your city pic, and the bubble bath pic. (I'm also smiling at Ashton's dainty fingers in "blow"...too cute!)

  2. Great pics Belinda! Really like the Hot rod pic, although it is always hard to pick a favorite from your photos :)
    Thanks for your tips last night, was a great shoot and a lot of fun.

  3. Hey B, loving the pictures this week - my fav is the hot rod I LOVE the colors :) Wish I could have made it last night, when's the next one?