Saturday, 12 May 2012

A Tribute...

On Thursday night, we all lost a sweet lady to the angels.  Jen was by no means a best friend of mine, but we socialised in the same circle, and her little girl was just a couple of months younger than Mr A, and through our pregnancies we found a bond and made contact regularly.  When she was diagnosed with lymphoblastic lymphoma a little over a year ago she went in fighting even though she and all of us knew the odds were stacked against her.  The problem with this disease was it had a habit of making you think things were going to be ok - she went into remission shortly after she was diagnosed but unfortunately an infection took over and she became a victim again, and finally lost her battle.

So Jen, I know now the lotus was your flower to help you get through your battle, and if I had known this I would have sent you this photo earlier.  I took this photo in Thames over Xmas and it was only by chance that I found it this morning after reading the amazing comments/tributes on your facebook page.  To your family, Jack, and Skarlet and your best friend Saph who has been with you throughout this journey my deepest condolences.

Go be with the angels and eventually we will meet again.


  1. What a lovely friend you are. A well written tribute. xx

  2. I agree with Jodie - you are an awesome friend. You have a great way with words and a great way with photos. xo