Sunday, 13 May 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 19

This week had some ups and downs on the personal front.  I'm really really struggling with no light at any time of the day so all my shots now have to be corrected for white balance to look even half decent.  But we're less than a month away from the shortest day of the year so I look forward to getting some light at the end of the day.

Secondly as per my previous post we lost a friend of ours on Thursday night.  Friday's photo (May 10th) was not taken on May 10th but I'm using this photo as a dedication to her.  To all the mummies out there, have a great mothers day.  And to every single one of you who is reading this post, give a big squeezy hug (thanks Jodie for that GREAT word!) because you never know how long they're going to be here for.

Enjoy x

Super moon that rose super quick (and was super disappointing!)

Sweet dreams


Family favourite

For Jen xxxxx

What better place to use the potty?

Mr smiles


  1. Ashton is growing up so much!!!
    Oh and how much did Placemakers pay you for product placement/branding????? Hahaha

  2. Love the "builder's crack" on May 11. Hahaha!