Monday, 11 June 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 23

Highly disappointed with my photos this week.  The end of the day is killing me, and lack of time is killing me more.  Mostly snap shots this week as that is all I could get, bring on June 20th!

One highlight of my week though was Saturday afternoon when my good friend Saph brought up a little playmate for Ash.  If you follow my blog, or are a friend you will know who Jen is, and we were very blessed to have a chance to play with her gorgeous wee girl.  For someone who has lost her mum at such a young age she is indeed remarkable which isn't surprising given her amazing mum and even more amazing support network.  I hope that Ash gets to hang with her more often :)


Morning Lavender

Tigers say RAAR

Nudy Rudy Twinkle Toes

Mr Cheeky

More twinkle toes
Early Morning Story

Beautiful Skarlet

1 comment:

  1. I love the June 3 and 7 pics...beautiful. And your photo of Skarlet really is gorgeous!!
    But I think you got the titles mixed up for your June 5 and 6 pics. June 5 should have been called Mr Cheeky - hahaha! Lovely pics hun.