Saturday, 30 June 2012

Water Fun post the car crash!

Thursday we had a very impromptu day at home.  This was because I (stupidly) managed to rear end someone going on the motorway.

Before you think I'm the driver from hell let me put things into perspective for you.  I drive at least 100kms a day to get to work and have done so since I was 18.  Not only do I drive this distance I do it with Mr 2 year old in the back of the car who constantly wants my attention.  Whether its for a lost dummy, the DVD to be changed, the DVD to be turned on because he's kicked the off button, or if its to show me (MUM LOOK!) how he's so clever because he's got his dummy between his toes (yes we start the trip with shoes and socks on but by the time we get to town they're off)... anyway you get my drift.  I have never crashed on the motorway before, despite driving half my trip on open roads, the other half sitting in nose to tail traffic nearly every single day and apart from a few minor incidents when I first had my license I have a clean slate with driving - not even a speed ticket to my name.

So on Thursday it was raining and Ash distracted me (I can't even remember with what!), and before I knew it my poor little car had gone up someone's bum.  The lady I crashed into (bless her), fair to say lost the plot at me initially, but my car was by far worse off (dam tow balls!) while her car got away with a minor scratch.  When she saw not only did I have a two year old but a 25 week bump to boot she became very apologetic and her main concern was around our welfare.

The damage luckily looked far worse than what it was, but will take a good 2 weeks to fix (thank GOODNESS for car insurance!).  However, most importantly the bump was happily kicking away and after a quick check with my amazing midwife we were all deemed as safe and carried on the day at home as it was impossible for me to get to and from work.

So all that said, Ash and I took the opportunity to spend some time outside in between rain showers and I managed to get some great shots in the nice afternoon light :).  Had a good chance to play with shutter speeds and try to capture water drops as he played about in the freezing cold.

Loving this puddle in the driveway... have to make sure he's not wearing shoes tho!

More puddling

Jumping off the grass


Tongue out in concentration mode

Didn't realise a the time he was actually spilling it all over himself the monkey

hat on!


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  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!
    If there is one bonus of the car crash it is that you got to spend the day at home and have some awesome fun with your little man!