Sunday, 23 September 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 37 & 38

Another two week update - I know I'm behind, I'm trying I'm trying!!

I've officially been off work for a week and while I would like to say I have been relaxing its far from the truth... in fact I've been in and out of labs, hospital, and midwife appointments due to a few complications with my blood pressure which seems to be behaving for now.  Also throw into the mix moving/cramming our office into our lounge room, working on lots of pricing for our business, madly doing washing in case my blood pressure did decide to throw a wobbly meaning I may be admitted to hospital - all this has meant updating photos has been a low priority!

But here we are, another couple of weeks done and dusted.... enjoy!

Spring has definitely arrived

Pink or Blue?

Final Rays

Twilight in the city

Iced Up

Last day at Educare with best friends Alex & Stella

Newest family member - Charlie

Wiggly Fun

Early Morning Walk

Rocking the Sunglasses at Auckland Zoo

Cheeky Charlie stealing Ash's couch

My beautiful boy

Playball Action (thanks Educare for letting us stop in to finish the term!)

Getting ready to be a big brother

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  1. Hey chicky - Sept 22 and 17 are awesome pics! I like them a lot. Your spring shot, and the ice shot are awesome too!!