Sunday, 30 September 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 39

Wow what a week!

This week has definitely been out of the norm and quite interesting, and unfortunately has meant the SLR has had to take a back seat and the iPhone take over the shots for the week.  Monday I spent the night in hospital due to my blood pressure and some other issues, with the plans to bring this baby out the following day (unbeknown to me I'd like to add!).  Fortunately though things appeared to calm down and I was sent home on Tuesday afternoon with instructions to have strict bed rest (yeah right!) until Friday which saw me return to see the specialist and make a plan as to what we were going to do.

So bed rest with a 2 year old improved impossible and while I definitely haven't been 'bed resting', I have been taking it very easy with only one outing this week to Kiwi Valley in Henderson with Mr A.  Definitely not how I had planned to spend our last few weeks together but unfortunately my health and the baby's has had to take precedence.

Lets see what next week will bring!

Charlie Brown

Productive use of my time in hospital

Baby Monitoring - it was a moving and a grooving so we didn't have much luck!

This bed rest stuff is a b*tch...

Pony Ride at Kiwi Valley

Chilling with Uncle Mike

Cuddles with Dad


  1. My goodness - look at the tounge on Charlie! Impressive!!! Hmmmm - Is this knitting for Coles #2?? Just wondering about the colour of your knitting .....gotta wonder what you know/think.......

  2. One pink and one blue has been made :)