Sunday, 2 September 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 34 and 35

The last two weeks have literally flown by in a haze of work, being a mum, being a business owner and being a student.  Oh and growing another baby!

I have two weeks of work left and I feel like I'm on the final stretch.  This pregnancy has been good to me as its only in the last week or so that the third trimester tiredness has kicked in and while I'm still running on adrenalin things are starting to slow down.

I've had two growth scans in the last few weeks which have bared not such great news.  When Ash was born he was 10 pound 9 - delivered naturally (with the help of a lot of drugs, thanks modern science!), and this baby looks like he or she is following suit with the guestimated weight of 10 pound at term.  I have always wanted to experience a natural birth (with Ash I got to 8 cms drug free - then stayed at 8cm for 8 hours so thank goodness I took the drug option!), and this baby is not looking like its going to give me much of a chance.  I know scans are notoriously wrong and my amazing midwife and I have a few options up our sleeves, but for now I have to face a specialist visit to talk through options and possible interventions to get this baby out.

Not the most ideal news, but one that I have come to terms with in the last week or so.  The most important thing to me is that this baby is healthy and that I am healthy so whatever the professionals think is the best course of action suits me fine.

In the last two weeks we have had one major milestone in Ash's life - he's moved into a big boys bed.  We've only had one night so far - he stayed there till 5am then jumped ship into ours.  A pretty good first effort but something I am going to have to work on as I can't have him jumping into our bed once number two is out.  He loves his big boys bed though, he helped dad put it together, then proudly showed Aunty Vicki last night when she came around.  And even though he was up at 5 this morning, he's settled quite well for both night sleeps and the one day sleep he's had in it (well, after a bit of threatening to shut the door on him if he DIDN'T go to sleep!).

So life continues in our little household, and here are a few snapshots from the last couple of weeks (sorry Ann, I promise to be better next weekend!)

The latest obsession

Dadda Cuddles

Happy Birthday Dadda


Sunrise over The Kaipara

Spring is nearly here!

The Farleys

The Whale



A Box is not a Box


My Big Boy

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  1. I actually like seeing two whole weeks here. Great light in the dadda cuddles one and teh DOF in the spring is here is choice!