Monday, 3 December 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 48

Wow, the end of this week has seen us enter the final month of this challenge.  I can't believe how quickly the year has gone, and even though some days this challenge is like a thorn in my side I think I'm going to really miss it come December 31st!

This week I had a great week.  Apart from the little monster keeping me up most of the night, I really feel like I'm mastering this mum of two business.  Sleep deprivation is bloody hard, I thought I'd had it bad in the past but its nothing compared to now!  However Harry is just so dam cute he makes it worth it, especially now that we're really getting some gorgeous gummy grins.

His older brother is pretty cool too.  He's really starting to settle into his new routine of being at home with me and at daycare a couple of days a week.  He is still such a doting big brother, it is gorgeous to watch the two of them interact.  Harry adores Ash, watches him intently and talks and smiles at him constantly.  I'm sure it will be short lived as they get older so I'm appreciating the sibling love at the moment.

Here are this week's photos - I feel I had a fairly good week - home stretch now!




Teeny Toes

Road tripping to Grandma and Grandads house

Off the beaten track

Grandma Coles rocking the Christmas Parade


  1. I love the light in your Poser pic. Gorgeous. And Tenny's stunning - I love how soft it is around the edges, so sharp on his toes. Amazing work Belinda!

  2. A very good week B. Juggling is tough. Keep it up.