Sunday, 16 December 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 50

Another week done and dusted.  Its been a busy week in our little household as the events of Christmas start to take hold.  We've had three very late nights this week - visiting Franklin Road on Thursday night, celebrating with our Smithy crew on Friday night, and celebrating Bryce's family Christmas last night a little early.  Watching Ash open Christmas presents last night was such a treat and I can't wait to see his face on Christmas Day when he sees what Santa has left behind for him.

As I come to end of this challenge I am anticipating what do to next year.  There have been a few followers of this blog who have expressed interest in doing something next year.  I'm proposing we do a 52 challenge - this involves taking one photo a week instead of one every day which is far more achievable!  And trust me if I can do this every day for a year, you can do it once a week for a year.  Are you in?  If you are message me :)

Flying high


Rocking out at Mainly Music

No. 2

Franklin Road

Happy Face

T Ball


  1. Tripod used for the Franklin Rd shot?

  2. nope, spot metered off light and it worked fine :).

    1. You are so great! I am yet to master that. Oh and I love how much Harry is growing and turning into a cute little dude!

  3. Lovely pics Belinda - I love the reflections shot, and T-ball (that looks fun!). Nice work on Franklin Rd! Well done.