Sunday, 23 December 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 51

Wow, one more week to go - who would have thought!!  We started as a group of seven and lost only two along the way.  I must say I am so super proud of Mel, Jodie, Cat, Jacqs who have stuck to this goal for the last 51 weeks, and also to Carrie & James who gave it a bloody good crack.

Next time I post it will be a new year - 2013.  We are continuing with the challenge - this time with a group (so far!) of 21!!  We are doing things slightly differently next year - we are doing Challenge 52 - so one photo a week and we have also elected some themes for the entire year (completely voluntary to use of course).  Once everyone has their blogs established I will put it up for everyone to see.  If you are interested in joining please don't be shy.  The idea behind it is to get to know your SLR a bit better, but if you have a point and shoot you are still more than welcome to join as there is still plenty to learn in the way of composition etc.  We have a wide variety of photographers in the group - some complete beginners and others who are well established but all of us share the same goal and passion - producing some pretty cool memories.

Well done to my fellow seven photogs - bring on the last week of the challenge xxxx

Bath time


Tree Adventures

Reading Lesson

Checking for bogeys

My three favourite boys


  1. Dear B - here's a photography love letter from my heart to yours - across countries, seasons and the equator...
    One week to go and yet it feels like only yesterday we were bandying about this crazy idea of taking a picture a day one glorious summer afternoon in Kumeu.
    We all entered this challenge with a desire to master the art of our DSLR, yet when I look back on 2012 what strikes me the most is that we've LIVED. Truly, honestly lived. We've seen births, deaths and marriages. Witnessed apricot dipped sunsets and seen a moon so large it's a wonder it didn't fall out of the sky. We've moved countries, changed jobs, taken on business ventures, gone on holidays and wondered if the world would actually end on December 21. Our children have graduated from cots to beds, from nappies to undies, from infants to toddlers...all in 359 days short.
    So thank you for being the engine room driving this crazy, senseless photography challenge. I can't imagine a better group of people to share 2012 with.
    Well done. We made it.
    Lots of love

  2. Jacqs thank you so much for your lovely words. I hope you choose to join us in the next challenge - I need my jacqueline grace photography fix :). take care chicken and stay warm xxx