Sunday, 4 March 2012

Time for a gloat...

A really really long time ago now, Plunket put out on Facebook that they wanted some babies to be involved with an upcoming photoshoot for a campaign the following year.  With nothing to lose I sent a photo of Ash in, and was contacted and asked to come in for an 'audition'.  We managed to get him to smile and anyone who knows how much of a charmer my son can be he won the 'judges' over.  So we did the photo shoot which wasn't a great success - I think he was a little overwhelmed with all the bright lights and people who just weren't baby people (he was only five months old at the time!), and when we never saw his photo we assumed that they had decided not to use him.

Anyway, a year and a half down the track I get an email from the advertising agency who we had done the photoshoot with - apparently the campaign was cancelled after the devastating earthquakes in Christchurch, and they have since actually started it - and they're using him!  If you sign up to be an online collector its Ash's photo you see holding a little blue teddy bear.

Now any new mum who has dealt with Plunket knows that although some of their information can be out of date, but generally the service they provide is fantastic.  And when babies are at their most difficult in the first few weeks, Plunket provides an amazing service which fortunately I never had to take advantage of but I know plenty of mums who have.

So, if you're a mum, or feeling generous give some money back to Plunket (and check out the cute baby on the appeal page!)

Plunket Appeal

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