Saturday, 10 March 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 10

This week has been a mixed bag for me but I really liked the "kiwiana" theme.  I didn't meet it every day but I found it much easier than previous weeks.

What I learnt this week:

  • Cows are nosy creatures
  • That Ashton has nailed the forward roll, kicking the ball (including at my head), and can nearly count to ten (when they hell did my baby grow up so fast?)
  • Being flat on my back with an infection for nearly a day does not contribute well to taking a daily photograph
  • I am growing more in love with photography every day
Morning glory

You can't beat the All Blacks

No. 8 Wire

Buzzy Bee

Kiwi kids... are weetbix kids

Forward roll madness

My proud moment


  1. I'm proud of your achievement too. The photo of Ash looks like he's breaking in half or that his head has separated from his body!! I like the light on "morning glory" and almost wish you had the same light for "no.8 wire".

  2. Awesome pics again this week Belinda!! Congrats on the first place prize, that photo is fantastic! :)

  3. Wow, wow, wow congratulations and such a beautiful picture too :) Gorgeous pictures this week my dear, particularly as you were laid up for part of it, I really loved the light on the 4th x

  4. Lovely pics this week Belinda! I love No.8 wire and Buzzy Bee. The forward roll one just makes me cringe. LOL! Congrats on your prizes at the show. Your work is stunning and certainly deserves the recognition!