Sunday, 25 March 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 12

This week hasn't been one of my best.  I know I'm full of excuses, but this week has been one of the busiest of the year, for no other reason than life itself.

Monday and Tuesday this week, it rained and it poured.  This led to chaos on the motorway, and 90 minute trips into work for myself and Mr A.  Tuesday, taught me to put the kiddy lock on his door, as while on the motorway (going at snails pace), he decided it would be entertaining to not only get his arms out the straps of his carseat... but also OPEN the door.  So if you saw some crazy lady driving a silver Suzuki Swift, screaming at her child and swerving all over the road trying to get the door closed again - yes that was me.

So some would say, why the hell do you live in Helensville and drive into town every day?  The 50km trip normally only takes me 40 minutes, so 90 minutes was very extreme, even for the distance I travel.  The only problem was, bad traffic in the morning also lead to traffic at night, so its fair to say this week I have spent more than my fair share in the car.  As a result my photography suffered, as it was the last thing I felt like doing when I got home plus I had little to no light left at the end of the day.

Added to this, I had a second infection in just a couple of weeks which had me flat on my back Friday afternoon/night.  Literally I could not get out of bed, and even yesterday I spent most of the day feeling sorry for myself.  So poor Mr A has had a pretty grumpy/tired mum of late, fingers crossed next week is better!  Big ups to my amazing hubby who took over on Friday night, and left me to my devices for a few hours.

So, this week's theme was progress.  I didn't really stick to the theme that much but tried where I could :)

Swan Lake

Raindrops keep falling my head (and hindering progress for EVERYTHING)

Lack of progress (in the eyes of not quite Mr 2)

Knitting progress

Cherry picker fun

Sunset views from the deck (West is best) 
Washing progress (coming from a full time working mum!!)


  1. Even with a very crappy week you still manage to capture life in all its forms!!! x

  2. Nice one Linda xxx Est. xxx

    1. thanks Est!! Lovely to hear from you xxx

  3. You know what Belinda....I think that this challenge is all about "life" - in whatever form it takes - the crapy, the busy, the fun, the joyous....and I think ths project is all about capturing that from week to week.
    As always, your pics are stunning and this week your photos capture LIFE and the fact that we are working mums, the fact that we do get sick, the fact that we have not-quite-two-year-olds and that sometimes the weather is miserable.
    Well done on awesome pics hun. xo

    1. thanks chicken, your comment brought a smile to my dial. was feeling so super sorry for myself last week!! hope your having fun on your holiday xxx

  4. Love looking at your pics Belinda, really like "Lack of Progress", its a face I think we can all relate too :)