Sunday, 4 March 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 9

This week was a real struggle for me - here is what I learnt:

  • Don't leave your camera at work
  • Don't leave your camera at work
  • Don't leave your camera at work

Because of this small oversight, and a genuine lack of time (traffic has been a B*TCH this week so been home late most nights, equals tired hungry child, tired hungry mum, less light to get photos with and less enthusiasm overall!), so I didn't really get into the theme of "up" until further down the week.

But however, this is a challenge and I will keep challenging!

Enjoy :)

PS. Massive congratulations to my brother in law and new sister in law who tied the knot last night!  BOOM!

Going up the ramp

heading 'up' home

sitting in traffic

'up'-side down

climbing 'up' the ladder

looking 'up' at the world

hooking 'up'


  1. I hear you sister - but your pictures are gorgeous! I'm in love with the picture of Ash on March 2nd, it should be framed and promptly placed in prime position in the house x

  2. Yes who would think that his winning smile and oh so blonde hair could pull out those tantrums and drive you mental many times???!!!???
    Roll with the bad days and thoroughly enjoy the good is what I say!!!

  3. Pics are fab Belinda - you did a great job considering how busy your week has been!! Love Ash in March 2nd as well - beautiful. March 1st is pretty cool as well - the lighting you are able to get in your pics amazes me!