Sunday, 1 April 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 13

Well this week has been an exciting week in our household.  We were finally able to start letting the cat out of the bag that we are expecting a little brother or sister for Ashton.  I am twelve weeks along and so far been experiencing the very typical pregnancy path which has been a bit of a shock as I got next to nothing when I was pregnant with Ash.  Added to that a tummy bug, and two not so nice infections and its fair to say I've been feeling very under the weather for the last two months!  Finally this week life has been starting to return to normal, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully I will return to my usual positive self!

This weeks theme was time.  It was my own idea, and I had no photos within the theme!! No real excuse this week, just had other photo opportunities that presented themselves first each day so never had the chance to actually think about what I was going to take to represent the theme.

What I have learnt this week

  • My little baby is a baby no longer - he is very quickly turning into a very intelligent energetic little boy
  • I have completely underestimated his ability to understand his surroundings (totally non photo related by the way).  After having a few issues at daycare the previous week (lets just say he was getting very 'hands on' with his fellow peers aka hitting and snatching), we have had a few serious talks this week and his behaviour has made a complete 360.  And trust me you know there were problems when you get umprompted emails from daycare telling you they have had no problems that day!
  • I'm starting to realise that I might be starting to outgrow my little camera.  Or at least outgrowing the lenses that I currently have.  Which is not the greatest position to be in when you will be going on maternity leave with no income for up to a year... Lotto anyone?

Happy snapping!

PS Massive congrats to the lovely bride and groom Tracey and Matt who tied the knot yesterday.  It was so amazingly awesome to catch up with some people I haven't seen in a really long time - you know who you are xxxxx

Steam Train Fun 

Noodles (and great fork skills!)

Watching the 'bubba'

Taking bebe for a drive

Hat Love


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  1. My favourite is toes in the bath. I can't believe he still fits in the baby bath!!
    I know what you mean about the camera desire, however I'm sure that ClickinMoms will assure you that the kit will be fine till Lotto comes in for you....... xx