Saturday, 7 April 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 14

So this week has been a fairly good week for me, I didn't follow the 'colour' theme at all but I was able to find photos to take every day with only a little bit of effort.  I am definitely missing the late evening light though but I do appreciate getting that golden hour before Ash's bed time!

What I learnt this week:

  • Ashton hates easter bunnies (but loves chocolate)
  • Raglan is one of NZ's best kept secrets - I've been there before but not to the beach and I can't believe what I've been missing!
  • Night time exposures are dam hard to get right (I had a night exposure for the 7th but it didn't work out, so the gorgeous Cole will have to do!)
Hope my fellow photog buds all had a good week :)

Gingerbread baking 
Escaping the toy box

Daily traffic (taken at 7:06am, before Westgate onramp)

After being told NOT to eat the chocolate eggs yet! 
Looking at the moo's

Raglan = stunning

Cole (a lot more grown up - this is the baby from "14 hours" see here)


  1. Hey B..April 5 and 6 are stunning pics. Aprl 1 - I want some...Aprl 3 - I don't want any of that!

  2. Polarizing filter on April 6th?

    1. actually no! when i got out the of the car i was thinking to myself crap i forgot the polarizer... but did tweak a bit with photoshop to give it some more depth of colour :)