Sunday, 22 April 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 16

Time once again hasn't been on my side this week so unfortunately I didn't stick to the theme of "Shapes" at all.  I am counting down to when I go on maternity leave in the hope this challenge might be a bit easier, although I'm sure I'm luring myself into a false sense of hope as when this baby arrives life is going to get a whole lot more hectic!  But hey its always nice to have dreams!

What I have learnt this week...

  • That even when the sky is grey its still not totally ideal for taking shots of waterfalls - it needs to be nearly dark to get it right I believe
  • The end of daylight savings has been fantastic, but rushing home to be here by 5 to take advantage of it has been a dream more than reality!

Hope everyone has a great week ahead x

Early breakfast with dadda

My only shapes picture (sorry slap on hand)

Happy Birthday grandma

Bike fun

Swinging action

Daybreak on the way to work

Omeru Falls


  1. Great Pics Belinda! I was thinking about looking at an ND filter, might help with waterfalls? Although your waterfall shot is fantastic!

    1. Yes ND filter would have definitely helped, Cat had one and was managing to get 10 sec exposures compared to the rest of us that were getting 2-4 seconds. fun experimenting, hopefully you can join us next time!