Saturday, 14 April 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 15

Home - this weeks theme...

And a saying that resonates well with me is "Home is where the heart is".  I love my home, mostly because the most important people in my life live there being my wonderful husband, amazing son and our fur babies.  Home is also Helensville.  Not where I grew up but where I now fit in.  The people here are a little different to Aucklanders, everyone knows each other and it is a rural community.  Home is NZ.  A place I still need to explore more of, and a place where those of us who live here are very lucky to do so.  I'm proud to call NZ home.

This week what have I learned?

  • My monkey is the most gorgeous, smiley, cutest, mischievous, naughty (but oh so cute), patient, gentle little boy.  And now I'm starting to wonder if the next one is going to be a ratbag in comparison!
  • I haven't quite nailed the 'lens flare', still lots of learning to do!
  • I wish I had better skills in photoshop, also wish I had the time to learn...


Easter Sunday at Waiheke 
Off to bed with Dadda 
Technically a weed but very typical of our backyard...

Bath, bottle bed...

Sleeping in on a school day

Home - number 47

Playing airplanes with dad


  1. STUNNING photos Belinda. Just stunning. I love the light in the April 14 pic! April 11 I love too. Well done - you are such an awesome photog!

    1. thanks chicky, i'm looking forward to seeing yours in the next 24 hours!! xxx

  2. Love your pics as always :) Airplanes with Dad is fantastic!

  3. I dont' know missy moo I think you NAILED airplanes :) Promise I'll start pulling my weight x