Sunday, 5 August 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 31

Wow another week over, and we're definitely heading towards the end of winter.  The days are slightly warmer (and also much wetter), and there appears to be a little more light at the end of the day.

This week has been another busy week, and this weekend I came to the realisation we only have ten more weeks before number 2 arrives.  Our spare bedroom is very much a full functioning office housing all our Smith & Sons franchise gear, as well as my beloved Mac, and another massive corner desk.  Upon a total freak out of my half, hubby helped me clear out a heap of stuff and we moved the change table from Ash's room into the office.  Even this very small token has made me feel more prepared - it means I can start getting his room ready for a big boy bed, and slowly transition the office into a baby room.  We still haven't actually figured out where we're going to put everything (we live in a 80m squared house!!), so our already small lounge/living/dining area is about to obtain a massive office desk and Mac to boot.  The plus side will mean when editing etc I can be with Bryce, but it also means Mr Nosy will have full access to my other baby 24/7 which is not ideal.  It also means the office paraphernalia which manages to fill an entire room will now encroach even more on our relaxation space but at the moment we just don't have much choice!

Photography wise I've tried to chill out a little bit this week.  I've been using my phone more and am amazed at the quality of pictures it takes.  It will certainly never replace my SLR but at least its nice to have something that can be there at all times of the day when the SLR is not.

Here are the photos for the week :)

Feeding the ducks

Rainbow (Northern Motorway)

My little tiger (Raaar)

Kisses for bubba

Sleepy sausage

Taking the car for a spin

The baby's room (a work in progress!)

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  1. Love the sleeping and face paint pictures. Seeing these makes me want an iphone even more... ;-)