Saturday, 11 August 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 32

This week has been a good week for me.  Every night I have consciously tried to extend myself a little more with my camera instead of just doing snapshots.  Lots of photos taken, not so many made it through the cut - I hate that my SLR only goes to 1600 ISO which makes anything in artificial light nearly impossible.  BUT on the upside, when we get home at we've managed to catch some of that beautiful afternoon light before it disappears.

I have only five weeks left of work before I become full time mum again which I am super excited about - more than anything because I'm (hoping) it will make it easier to get shots during the day.  I'm not one who likes to hang around home much with Mr A so I'm looking forward to a few adventures before number 2 decides to enter the world.

This week a good friend of mine gave birth to a beautiful little girl (see August 8th).  Meeting her and giving her cuddles has given made me really look forward to our number 2 - this pregnancy I've been focused on everything else going on our in our lives I haven't actually comprehended that there is indeed another little being inside my tum.  And meeting baby Khloe has just reinvigorated the desire to become a mum again, and now I have a feeling these last nine weeks are going to drag when the last 31 have disappeared so quickly.

I hope you enjoy my daily snippets :)


Puppy Love

Peek a boo with Benson

Beautiful Khloe

My gorgeous wee man
Last light

Swimming bomb


  1. Great pics! Love the Swimming bomb, great moment to catch :)

  2. Swimming bomb is awesome! Great timing!! Lovely pics.....and a lovely yarn from you at the start. xo

  3. The swimming bomb is awesome! You did have a good week!

  4. Isn't it scary to see your "baby" become a "little boy"? I'll buck the trend and say my favs are the peek a boo with Benson (diff composition and great DOF) and last light with daddy