Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The "Please Feel Sorry for Me" Rant :)

So I'm a little behind this week - the busyness of every day life has taken hold and I just haven't managed to get my project online.

To give some perspective, here is a run down of my general day.

6am: hubby gets in shower, I lie in bed wishing for a few more minutes of shut eye.  When hubby is out of shower I'm normally stumbling around looking for something that will actually fit around my belly.  He gets Ash up, one of us dresses him, the other one gets toast in the toaster

6:20am: If its a good day Ash and I are both eating toast by this stage, hubby is normally looking for shoes, my phone, my wallet or anything I appear to have lost in the 12 hours I've been at home (I really really do have a fantastic hubby!)

6:40am: Ash and I are out the door, normally with a lot of yelling because we're never running on time, and Ash always wants to do something - change his shoes, play with a ball, not go out in the dark... whatever you can think of as an excuse he will come up with.  We begin our 50 minute commute to work

7:30am: Depending on how ludicrous traffic has been we will usually be walking up the hill to my office where Ash will want to watch Wheels on the Bus and I will catch up on emails.  If we're lucky Ash's on again off again girlfriend Stella will be there and they play while Stella's mum and I catch up

8am: Drop off, and my work day really starts.  If I'm lucky I get a lunch break but most days my break consists of venturing to the office cafe and eating at my desk.  But then I again I leave early so to get my 40 hours in I need to skip lunch

4pm: Pick up/wrestle from daycare, and it normally takes 25 mins getting down the dam hill because Ash never wants to leave daycare

5:30pm: Rock in the door, start Ash's dinner.  If hubby is home he helps out massively, sometimes its just me on my own and I hate those nights - Ash is grumpy, I'm tired, belly is wriggly - its just not a good time!

6:30pm: One of us cooks our dinner while the other one bathes Ash.

7pm: Bottle and bed for the tired wee man, and then hubby and I start doing paperwork for the business with dinner plate in hand.  This normally sees us through until about 9:30/10pm where we will finally roll into bed to do it all again the next day.

Being a full time working mum is the hardest thing I've ever done.  Managing a business on top of that has been even harder, and I don't think people actually realise how involved I am with the day to day running of the business.  This year has been one of the hardest of our lives, and while adding pregnancy into the mix wasn't really part of the plan I actually wouldn't change a thing.  Although as crazy as it sounds I'm actually looking forward to having a newborn, as it will enable me (hopefully!) to slow down during the day (well in the sense I don't have to do that dam commute!), and also being able to commit my brain to just being a mum and a business owner rather than throwing my 40 hour a week job in the mix as well.

So now I've had my rant hopefully people will realise why I complain about being busy every dam week of this challenge, and also why I'm running a little late for the last couple of weeks :)

Thanks for reading x



  1. Oh B - You have my absolutely sympathy. Working's a tough gig. THE toughest. You (and Bryce) do such an amazing job and provide Ash with so many wonderful opportunities that, while it's hard at the moment, eventually you will look back with the knowledge that you really kicked ass. You are Supermum. Period. Sending heaps of love. Jacq

  2. Stay strong. The last trimester is tough. Don't push yourself too much and listen to your body. Oh and just be thankful that you have your hubby home to help you as much as you do!!

  3. I've said it before and I'll say it guys are awesome! I always knew you worked super hard - but that "rant" just confirms it. You are a supermum and you do an awesome job at EVERYTHING you do. xo