Monday, 20 August 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 33

Wow 33 weeks down, just 17 to go.  And 8 weeks till I become a mum of 2!

This week has been a mixed week, I managed to get a couple of shots I liked, and others were just snapshots of our day to day lives.

Saturday afternoon we spent a lovely couple of hours at the beach (we are fortunately to live very close to Woodhill Forest which has beach access that is very quiet compared to Muriwai ten minutes up the road).  Ash had so much fun being a terror and I was fortunate enough to get some nice shots with him in some spectacular light.  Spring feels like it is in the air - hopefully summer hurries up (and we get rid of this god awful rain!).

So that all said, here are my shots for the week :)

Running to see the lions...

Launch pad

Mum has a wee addiction... 
You tube - enough said

No. 2

Early mornings through Riverhead Forest

Rimmers Rd


  1. Haha - addicted to Diet Coke!!
    Great sunrise shot!
    If Elliot could cope later in the day, I would LOVE to do an early evening beach fun with the camera. Add to my wishlist!

  2. Your August 17 and 18 shots are just AWESOME! Love your work! xo