Sunday, 7 October 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 40

So this week...

I had a baby!!

Baby Harry George Coles came into the world at 12:31am, October 3rd weighing in at 4.4 kgs (400g lighter than Ash), or 9 pound 10.  I ended up being induced due to my blood pressure and other issues and while the induction itself took its time, the labour ended up being incredibly intense but only two hours so manageable (if barely!) on my part.  What followed was a small complication, due to the speed of my labour I had a small bleed which meant I had to be admitted into hospital for one more night for observation, then off to the luxury of the Helensville Birthing Centre to recuperate.

I arrived home yesterday feeling probably not so much refreshed (as Harry has decided night times are party times), but definitely appreciative of the break to get to know my little man.

Ash has adjusted incredibly well - he adores his little brother.  He tries to help at every nappy change, every cry, and whenever Harry is up he wants to hold and cuddle him.  I am a little afraid of the what the week will bring as Dad has to go back to work (as do I to a certain extent) but it is nice knowing Ash at this stage is behaving.

Harry is a very different baby to Ash.  Ash was as much chilled out as Harry is not - he is unfortunately a very windy baby so while we're adjusting to it it's fair to say its brought its challenges.  Hopefully though its just a small phase and we can get it sorted sooner rather than later!

In the mean time here are my photos of the day - apologies they're a little repetitive but I have to take advantage of my new little model :)



Last day as an only child

Kisses for Harry

Brotherly Love



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  1. Congratulations to you guys! And well done to you for getting through the intense induction/labour. Gorgeous pics - of course!