Thursday, 25 October 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 42

Another week down - only 18 weeks left to go!

This week has been another blur, the kind of haze new motherhood brings, I barely know what the time is let alone the day of the week.

Harry was diagnosed with a tongue tie which explained the excruciating pain I'd been experiencing when feeding, and also a possible answer to his unsettledness as with tongue tie babies find it difficult to get a full tummy of milk.  Anyone who has had a tongue tie baby will know its not cheap to get it fixed, in fact the most popular place in Auckland will set you back $680, the 2nd most popular a still whopping $275.  The lactation consultant I was working with knew of a place in Hamilton so last Friday off I went for a day trip to the Tron where the procedure set me back a much more palatable $168. I was the fifth customer they'd had that morning (my appointment was only at 10am), and also the fifth customer from Auckland.

I'd like to say the procedure fixed all the problems, and to some extent it has certainly helped but I'm still getting a lot of pain while feeding.  Since going down I've checked Ash's tongue (I also had major issues when I fed him too) and found that he actually has the same tie.  At about six weeks everything came right with him (I was also being treated for thrush so it could have been a combination of the two) so I'm hoping that six weeks might be the magic number for Harry too.

In terms of the photo challenge this week was a bit harder as I've been getting back into a new hurried routine of looking after two kidlets.  Ash has been pushing a few more boundaries this week, something I'd expected to happen but one I found frustrating due to sleep deprivation and constant pain in the nip region so it was a testing week for all involved.  I'm hanging out for our work conference in a week where I will have the full attention of Dad for five days and able to share the workload evenly.

So here are the photos for this week...

Watching TV together

Sleeping Angel

Shower time with dad

Joe rocking the swing 
Wheels on the Bus


Checking out the Helensville 150th Parade


  1. Hey hot mama, thought I'd let you know how excited I get about reading your blog posts every week and seeing pictures of your ridiculously good looking family addition. He's delicious. Just read about your tongue tie experience it seems to be so common, but I couldn't believe what it cost for you to get it cut!! Will was tongue tied as we were at Waitakere Hospital they just had a pediatrician (toting a crash gurney and two trainee doctors) pop down and cut it the day after he was born. It didn't cost us a thing so I'm absolutely blown away at the hoops you had to jump through! It makes such a difference once you have it done though, glad to hear everything seems to be coming right. Sending heaps of love across the ditch - PS i'll reply to your FB message soon.



  2. Seriously seriously beautiful photos